Offering innovative tactics for challenging times

Providing advisory services with an emphasis on developing strategic responses to attacks on the healthcare industry.

How is your surgery center performing?

The ASCs developed and managed using our strategies averaged profits in excess of 1400% of the industry average with patient satisfaction scores averaging 4.96 out of 5.


1/18/2010 - SOS invited to present at the 2010 ASC Association Annual Meeting on "Everything You Need to Know About Out-of-Network Billing" on Saturday, 5/22/2010 in Anaheim, California. 

10/8/2009 - SOS speaks at the “16th Annual Improving Profitability, & Business & Legal Issues for ASCs” Conference in Chicago on Oct. 8 & 9 on two topical issues: "Out-of-Network Billing: Is it Worth the Risk?" and "Strategic Responses of an ASC to Dramatic Changes in Reimbursement."

 08/05/09 - SOS presents ASC-focused webcast on "Pitfalls & Benefits of Being Out-of-Network for ASCs" to Amerinet members. 

04/01/09 - SOS featured as a speaker at the 1st Annual New Jersey ASC Review Conference (view the presentation.)  

01/29/09 & 02/12/09 - SOS presents at the Annual Minnesota & Utah ASC Association Meetings on the "Common Missteps in ASC Operations"

Offering services to:

  • Freestanding ambulatory surgery centers
  • ASC management companies
  • Hospitals & clinics 
  • Physicians
06/14/2010 - Scott Rein's white paper offering insight into the practice of out-of-network billing for ASCs is published by Amerinet. View the executive briefing...

01/12/2010 - SOS's international sister Company, Institute for Western Surgery (, offers unique experience to surgeons... Read more

09/08/09 -
In response to recent attacks on New Jersey ASCs, SOS offers NJ ASCs an opportunity to benefit from SOS’ extensive expertise & success in the New Jersey ASC market by launching its "New Jersey ASC Strategic Makeover" program. Read more...

08/05/09 - SOS presented free webcast on the "Pitfalls & Benefits of Being Out-of-Network for ASCs". Read more...

04/06/09 - SOS signs agreement with Amerinet, a leading national healthcare group purchasing organization. Read more...

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