Offering innovative tactics for challenging times
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Your business is outpatient surgery.

Our business is maximizing the efficient & profitable delivery of your outpatient surgery.

Strategic Outpatient Solutions ("SOS") works with ambulatory surgery centers and hospitals, physicians and clinics to develop and implement solutions that significantly improve the profitability, efficiency, and patient satisfaction of their outpatient services.

In the face of aggressive attacks on ASCs throughout the country (New Jersey is the latest example), SOS works with ASCs and physicians to develop customized strategic responses to these challenges. SOS maximizes available revenues and minimizes expenses using a flexible, non-regimented approach that places a priority on patient satisfaction.

For ASC management companies, SOS offers strategic advisory services that target discrete areas working with these companies to bolster their centers’ bottom line.

For surgery centers without outside management, SOS offers a wide range of services from strategic management to a complete menu of management services than an ASC may require.

For hospitals, physicians and clinics, SOS provides strategic analysis aimed towards development and implementing a profitable model for delivery of outpatient services.


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Offering innovative tactics
for challenging times...